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Skrollan Schwyn

My mission is to empower leaders, teams, and individuals to unleash their full potential and deliver exceptional business results. With over 20 years of experience, I am a passionate Learning & Development expert.

Skrollan Schwyn

My Story

What do you get up for in the morning? Starting off on my professional journey, this was the question I kept asking myself. More than 20 years ago I was inspired by Walt Disney's vision: To make people happy! This statement resonated with me and I thought working in the hotel business would give me the chance to make people happy by making sure they are having a wonderful stay. I realized, however, that this kind of happiness was not sustainable. After the guests had checked-out, the happiness was gone. I then switched to marketing management in a B2B environment. I was convinced that with making sure the right customer gets the right product at the right time, I could make people happy. But unfortunately the effect didn't last after the working hours. This was when I decided to follow my passion and dedicate myself to learning and development. Supporting learners in acquiring new knowledge, developing capabilities and shaping mindsets, this was the type of sustainability I was longing for. Helping someone to have an AHA-moment - this is what makes me get up in the morning.


2024 -
Managing Director
Kybalion, International

2023 - 2024

Talent Management & Development Lead

AbbVie, Intercontinental 

2019 - 2023

Talent Development Manager

AbbVie, EMEA

2012 - 2019

Senior Learning Manager

AbbVie, Switzerland 

2011 - 2012

Business Operations Manager

Thomson Reuters, Switzerland

2010 - 2011

Training & Compliance Coordinator

Thomson Reuters, Switzerland

2002 - 2010

Marketing Lecturer

SHL Swiss Hotel Management School, Switzerland

2001 - 2010

Marketing Manager

Multivac Group, Switzerland


Why Kybalion?

The Kybalion is a concise summary of the universal laws that govern our reality. It covers important concepts such as cause and effect, vibration, and polarity. By understanding these laws, we can gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and how we navigate it more effectively.

Inspired by this theory, we are applying the same principles. By understanding leadership and team mechanics, we can customize solutions to unlock potential.
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